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Feel the Difference: Your Essential Swatch Book for Custom T-Shirts

We're excited to offer you a free swatch book for custom t-shirts. This book is like a handy guide that shows you all the fabric options you can choose from for your t-shirts. It's a simple way to see and feel the materials before making a decision.

We want to make it easy for you to pick the perfect fabric and color that matches your brand's style.

 So, grab your free swatch book and start creating unique and awesome t-shirts for your business!

Yep, It's Free! Just pay for shipping.

Introducing our Free Custom T-Shirt Swatch Book!
Unlock endless design possibilities with our swatch book. Feel the fabrics and choose the perfect match for your brand. It's your free ticket to easy and unique t-shirt creation.
Get yours today and start crafting remarkable t-shirts that elevate your brand!

You will only receive one swatch book per order.

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Find the perfect t-shirt effortlessly! Take our short quiz and answer a few simple questions about your style, fit, and material preferences.

Our quiz will quickly narrow down the options and provide personalized recommendations just for you.

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

Have another question? email us at

How long does it take to receive the logo?

Logo samples orders are ready in 3-5 days. Our team will send an email to notify you as is ready and provide a tracking number. 

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping your physical logo sample comes with a small fee of $7.50. We want to ensure your sample reaches you in perfect condition, and this cost covers the secure packaging and safe delivery to your doorstep. 

What do I receive with my order?

 You will receive an embroidered envelope containing a fabric swatch featuring a sample of your logo custom embroidered. You will not receive the embroidery file.
What is embroidery?
Embroidery is a decorative technique that involves stitching patterns, designs, or images onto fabric using a needle and thread. It's a way to add intricate and colorful details onto fabric or clothing items like shirts, hats, or bags.
How do I know when my order is ready?
As soon as your order is ready, you will get an email confirmation with a UPS tracking number. 
What is the minimum order?
In case you want to place and order our minimum requirement is 12 pieces. We understand that everyone comes in different sizes, which is why we give you the flexibility to choose from a variety of t-shirt sizes within your order. 
Do you ship orders nationwide?
We do! we offer nationwide shipping with UPS and we provide tracking numbers as soon as the order is shipped.


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