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Does your business staff wear uniforms? If not, perhaps it’s time to start. Consider these seven ways employee uniforms can boost your business.

1 Togetherness: Employee uniforms build team spirit. With everyone dressed in uniform, it's easy to feel team spirit. Just as sports teams and school children wear a uniform to create unity, companies can have a dress code that promotes belonging.

2. Identification: Uniforms help identify your staff so customers can quickly and easily get help when they need it. For example, a distinctive uniform for restaurant servers, such as 10oz Apparel bib or bistro aprons, helps customers get faster service because they know exactly who to ask.

3 Cleanliness and image: For better or worse, society tends to judge people by
how they dress. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately
establish a professional and clean business image that attracts and helps retain

4 Visual marketing: Uniforms serve as a marketing tool. Do you have workers who go out into the field, such as delivery people or home repair specialists? Whether they’re driving to a customer’s home, walking down the street or stopping for lunch, a uniform helps brand your business in the minds of everyone who sees them.

5 Safety: Uniforms can keep workers safe. For instance, if you own a construction business, manufacturing company or automotive repair shop, workwear uniforms can protect your staff from workplace dangers/risks. By supplying workers the proper clothing and footwear, you can be sure knowing that they're protected.

6 Save money and time: Uniforms make life easier for your staff members. When your business provides employee uniforms, your workers no longer have to pay for their own work clothing. Nor do they have to think about what to wear - they just put on a uniform in the morning, saving time and effort.

7 Security: Workers in uniforms give customers confidence in your brand. Would you let a repairman into your home if he weren't wearing a uniform? Neither would your customers. A uniformed staff gives customers security that your workers are who they say they are. In fact, 75 percent of customers say that uniforms establish trust.

Have you decided that employee uniforms make sense for your business? Here are some tips for choosing a uniform provider:

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